Peace in Education:
Diversity, Empathy, Communication


November 1, 2019 
at Frasier Woods Montessori School


More information on our fabulous keynote speaker coming soon!

Call For Workshop Proposals
MSC welcomes proposals for their Annual Conference. Proposals are open to novice and veteran workshop facilitators. Workshop sessions will be 60 minutes in length. 

Workshops can follow a variety of formats
  • Traditional workshop 
  • Hands-On workshop
  • Research workshop
  • Panel workshop
  • Campfire session
  • Networking session

Topics should be inspirational and below are examples of potential, relevant topics for the November conference:

  • Civil discourse
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Empowering children
  • Teaching empathy
  • Social justice
  • Education for peace
  • Practical applications for the classroom

Submit your proposal online

Deadline of submissions is June 7, 2019

You will receive notice regarding the status of your proposal by July 15, 2019. Accepted presenters will receive a complimentary registration for the MSC Annual Conference. 


"The adult’s idea that freedom consists in minimizing duties and obligations must be rejected…The freedom that is given to the child is not liberation from parents and teachers; it is not freedom from the laws of Nature or of the state or of society; but the utmost freedom for self-development and self-realization compatible with service to society."


– Maria Montessori –